How can teamwork play a role in the success of your business? What is the importance of working together and when is it best to do so? As members of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) begin to embrace "EO Together" this year, we asked some to describe how teamwork and collaboration have impacted their businesses.

Involving Others

"Sometimes in creative sessions, my team gets stuck, and we run out of solutions. When we hit a roadblock like this, we like to pull a team member not involved with the project into the session to ask what they might do, even if they know nothing about the subject. They may ask questions or offer solutions we hadn't thought of, or restate something in a way that uncovers that one small nugget to move us forward. The guest ends up feeling valued, which generates self-confidence, and that cycle of confidence is translated to our customers."

Dale Hanna, EO Silicon Valley
CEO, Foresight Intelligence Inc.

Complementary Traits

"I began my consulting firm alone with the wholehearted support of my husband. As my business flourished, it made sense for him to work with me and he left his full-time job. Before he joined the business, I was feeling overworked and stressed. However, our complementary skills were just what I needed to push through the early growth phase of our business-my husband is more creative, and I like working with numbers. I knew I could rely on him, and his continued support every day helps me handle the pressures of growing a business."

Marjorie Adams, EO Austin
Founder and CEO, Fourlane

Last-Minute Adjustments

"When the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajkull erupted, I was five days away from bringing 120 winners of an incentive trip from Paris to Vietnam. Charles de Gaulle airport was closed, and no one could predict if we would be able to make the flight. Together with our local partners in Vietnam, the airline company, various hotel companies, management and my colleagues, we were able to convince everyone to move the program three months later at no extra cost. This was only possible because individuals from more than seven companies in three different countries came together to do the right thing."

Eric Rozenberg, EO South Florida
President, Swantegy

Combining Efforts into One

"Over the last year, we've given our integrated communications team full responsibility for our marketing strategy. Each of the 11 people has been assigned one element of the strategy, from awards to media relations. With a smaller team of four coordinating all activity, the result has been a combined effort that is far greater than the sum of its parts. By giving ownership of smaller elements of the strategy to different people, our team can really see the impact of their individual work."

Heather Baker, EO UK-London
Founder and CEO, Top Line Comms

Leveraging Peers

"My EO Forum has provided a tremendous amount of support for me. Whether I'm trying to think through a new hire, new strategy, or a current challenge I'm facing, it has been incredibly helpful to be able to talk it through with them. Since I don't have a partner, I've really relied on this group of my peers to provide me with open and honest feedback, not worrying about how I'll be perceived as a leader or as an entrepreneur. Without them, I probably would have acted impulsively and not fully considered the implications of a decision."

Sarah Schupp, EO Colorado
Founder, UniversityParent