We asked members of the Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO) to share about their experiences and how they made it to the next level. Here are some of them.

Leverage peers

"I got a lot of input from my peers and really took the time to listen to those who were smarter or more successful than me. In short, we grew to what we are today because I deliberately joined supportive organizations with like-minded people who were positive and enjoyed sharing their experiences. The shared experiences from coworkers and other entrepreneurs truly helped me create the company that I have today.

Tonya Lanthier, EO Atlanta
Founder and CEO, DentalPost.net

Take a step back

"I realized that I could not do everything there was to be done and that there were others who could do some things better. I needed to manage my time and focus on the things I did best, while delegating other responsibilities to people with the right skills and talents to do them well. I taught myself to explain the desired outcome, then let go and let others do what they did best."

Andrew Arroyo, EO San Diego
Owner, AARE

Separate roles

"One of the best moves I made was to separate sales, marketing, and account management. When I started my company, I looked for salespeople who could generate leads, sell, and then manage the accounts they sold. I refer to them as mythical beings because they simply could not be found. When I separated each of the units these salespeople were covering, the company began to scale upward. Ultimately, creating clearly-defined roles and responsibilities was the key."

Eric McGehearty, EO Dallas
CEO, Globe Runner

Create systems

"The hardest thing for someone in business is get consistent results. If you don't initially take the time to create systems and become organized, your business will run you. We all start a business to support the lifestyle we want and not the other way around. I learned this the hard way but once I understood the power of systems, my life, both business and personal, got to the next level."

Cliff Cole, EO Kansas City
President, More Floods

Change your perspective

"I worked hard to transform the way I thought about my business by taking a more objective view point--not seeing it as 'my company,' but as 'a company.' By stepping out of the ownership role, I was able to work more as a consultant to my company. This gave me a clearer vision on what really needed to get done at the executive level. I could then serve more as a coach to my team, instead of an actual member."

Joe Wichowski, EO Detroit
President, Traction Consulting Group


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