At the core of Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO)'s mission is an unwavering commitment to helping entrepreneurs at every stage learn and grow to new levels of leadership. One powerful way to achieve ever-increasing levels of success is through visualization. We asked EO members to visualize their prosperous futures. Here's what they shared.

January already! What is it about running a business that makes time disappear?

Over the past 12 months, did you achieve your 2018 goals? Do you even remember what they were?

Entrepreneurs must always look ahead?visualizing future goals and success enables you to implement the strategies necessary to grow and achieve them.

EO Vancouver member Brian Scudamore used the Painted Picture visualization technique to build a $100 million business after stagnating at the $1 million mark for years.

Visualize to set intention for achievement

What's your vision for the year ahead? If you don't have one, chances are you won't perform to the highest level of your capabilities.

"Being the visionary for a small business can be very difficult. Most days you get stuck in the weeds, making sure tasks get taken care of and overseeing urgent business issues," said Alex Berg of EO South Florida, founder and CEO, Triple E Equipment. "To rise above daily to-dos, you have to step back and visualize your future."

With distractions mounting, it's challenging to make significant changes without intentionality.

We asked EO members to visualize their prosperous futures and complete the following thought:

"This time next year, I will . . ."

"I will have fired myself from one more job. Why? I spent years thinking that I was the best person for every company role. After enough mistakes, I realized that I'm good in many roles but only great at a few, so I should strategically stop doing the others. One example: hiring. My COO took it over, built a comprehensive process, and the result is remarkable team members that I meet on Day One. My 2019 goal is to remove myself from the sales process and focus solely on vision, strategy and leadership development?my core strengths."   

? Aaron Lee, EO South Florida, Founder and CEO, Iluma Agency

"I will be a better version of myself. I know this because each year I create a Vision Board?I set an intention and ask myself: 'How can I become a better version of "me" in this coming year? A better leader, a better entrepreneur, a better person, a better family member, a better community leader ...' and then start my Vision Board with this intent. I've also introduced this to my team, and they now create Vision Boards for themselves and with their families to focus on intentions and priorities. I highly recommend the exercise, which provides a visual map toward realizing your goals."

? Katty Douraghy, EO San Francisco, President, Artisan Creative 

"We use Cameron Herold's Vivid Vision method to visualize where we want to be?and have doubled our business every three years. Here's how it works: You paint a picture of what your business will look like in three years, then detail the people, processes, equipment and metrics necessary to reach each milestone, broken down by year, quarter and month. We just moved from a 7,000 sq.-ft. to 35,000 sq.-ft. facility! This time next year, we will indeed be a different company."

? Tom Rauen, EO Iowa, CEO,

"We'll have reached $1.8 million in top-line revenue, in line with our plan to grow our digital marketing agency from $1 million in 2018 revenue to $100 million by 2030?all on recurring revenue. To achieve this, we're expanding to larger markets, hosting monthly marketing meetups that position us as industry experts, aggressively advertising online, and launching a daily Flash Briefing and podcast to document our journey and target other business owners in growth mode."

? Erik Olson, EO Southeast Virginia, Co-founder and CEO, This is Array

"Our company faces an ongoing challenge to maintain a predictable revenue stream. By this time next year, we will have a revenue stream that we can forecast 18 months out. How? By positioning our services to handle specific client problems through a root-cause analysis that we'll leverage in quarterly marketing campaigns. As we solve challenges that limit clients' growth potential, we'll build our sales and marketing funnels to achieve our goal."

? Todd Lewis, EO Ottawa, President and CEO, Spatial DNA Informatics

"I will be spending 95 percent of my time working on the business and 5 percent of my time working in the business. These strategies will make it happen:

? Jon Ostenson, EO Atlanta, Co-founder and CEO, 10Xfive

"I will have achieved a perfect work-life balance! My employees will be engaged and empowered, I'll have weekly check-ins with my direct reports, and we'll be cash-flow positive. My kids will be bathed and read with each night, I'll have enjoyed fabulous dates with my husband, read 12 good books, logged 1,000 miles on my Peloton, 50 miles trail-running and 50 miles hiking. My team will have each spent 20 volunteer hours engaging with local non-profits, our website will be refreshed, social media followers actively engaged and keywords updated. I will have enjoyed a girls' trip with my college roommates, spent more time with my mom and volunteered monthly at school. Our office lease will be renegotiated, I'll have hired or promoted six people, and that broken handle on the back porch will finally be replaced.

"My quest for the elusive work-life balance never ends?but a girl can dream, right?"

? Kat Magner, EO Portland, President, Canary Marketing