One of the hardest lessons a small business owner or entrepreneur ever learns is that no one cares about their dream or vision as much as they do. Others just don't feel it the same way, they don't have the same passion.

In order for your company to grow and to reach a level of success, you have to be okay with this reality.

Of course it's your job to impart your vision and passion to those that work with you - but realize that once they stop working for you for the day, they start working on something else that is their passion.

This is true if you have started something on your own, it is often true when you start with a partner, and is definitely true if the only other members of your company are paid employees.

Tap Into Their Passions

Tapping into your employees' outside hobbies and figuring out ways to support their external pursuits can be the greatest way to accelerate your company's success.

Can you create a company outing, allow for flex time or provide funds that let your staff do something they are passionate about?

I often hire designers that are just out of college. The ability to submit papers and participate in industry conferences is important to them for their future career and to capitalize on their education. I provide a budget and time off to support their attendance at these events.

You Can't Outsource Vision

You live, breathe and eat your vision.

I have consulted with many small company owners who want to hand their vision over to me and let me run with it. While I can be a great adviser, believe in where they are headed and operationalize what they want to accomplish, their idea will never fully be mine.

Your company or idea is your baby - you birthed it and no one can love it as much as you.

Not an Excuse for Being a Control Freak

A trap that happens once you realize that others don't have the same level of passion is an inability to hand things over.

Just because others don't care as much doesn't mean they won't do a good job or that you can do it better. The fact is, they may be more deft to execute certain tasks without obsessing as you might about aspects that won't really matter.

Think through the things that require your unconditional love and attention and do those - setting the course forward, managing strategic relationships and creating the future, for example. Be okay with delegating other tasks even if they will be viewed just as that - a task.

A Lack of Passion is a Good Thing

This is especially true when asking for money.

An investor is looking for a reason to say no - they are passionate about keeping their money. Listen carefully to the advice they provide.

These outsiders with other passions are key to understanding the gaps in your business. Don't let your passion get in the way of hearing and heeding their advice.