The way to build a successful company is to determine a problem and build a product, service or solution that solves it. Do you know what problem your company or product is solving for your customers? How does it make their life easier?

Here are 4 examples of companies that identified every day problems and built companies that ease their customers’ pain:

A Better Way to Find an Apartment

Finding an apartment, especially in a city or area that you are not familiar with, is an overwhelming task. The best result is when a local who knows the area is your guide. But what if you don't know anyone?

Quo, is an on-demand service that serves as a concierge to individuals searching for apartments. Tell Quo about your lifestyle and apartment needs and it matches you with a local expert who suggests apartments tailored to your requirements. They become your personal guide and even schedule the viewings avoiding awkward drop-ins and wasting your time visiting apartments that don't fit your needs.

Quo solved the problem of trying to find an apartment in an unfamiliar place and adds a personal touch to the task. Bonus? Once you get done with the process, you know at least one person in your new city.

When You Need to Move that Armoire

My daughter will graduate from high school next Spring. With that transition, my wife and I are getting rid of things in our house as we anticipate a move into something newer and smaller once she is off to college. We don't need a moving company, but we do have random large pieces that we need help with. Enter Tote.

Tote capitalizes on the need of a truck and/or extra hands to move larger items of furniture or goods. Using their app, you connect with a "Tote" driver who shows up at your door with a truck. They help you move items across town or simply rearrange your furniture in your current location.

As the population ages and others find themselves in the situation as mine (a house full of large furniture and no one to move it), Tote's on-demand functionality and ability to tackle odd requests solves a growing problem.

Making a Painful Life Decision Easier

Hirsch Serman, the creator of DivorceSecure, was amazed at how the difficult the process of getting a divorce can be. In response, he created a product that simplifies and streamlines the workflow and collaboration program for divorce attorneys. DivorceSecure automates the intake process and initial information sharing between attorneys, allows the client to create a negotiation strategy based on what is important to them, and helps facilitate a fair custody arrangement.

Streamlining the process allows the attorney to spend more time focusing on the client and his/her needs during this difficult and emotional time.

The Best Thing to Come to the Grocery Store Since Sliced Bread

I was an early adopter of the grocery delivery service WebVan and mourned the day they stopped delivery. WebVan failed because they grew too fast and spent too much on infrastructure.

Shipt is a new app that takes on this task but in a smarter way. Just like WebVan, Shipt save customers time on their grocery shopping. In the app, you select your groceries and when you want them delivered. Shipt sends a personal shopper to the store to pick out your items and deliver them to your home.

It's fast, simple and convenient. Unlike WebVan, Shipt takes advantage of existing infrastructure (stores and the gig economy), so they can spend money where it really counts – on solving their customer’s problem.

The reason these companies are poised for success? All of them determined a customer's pain point and developed a business model that solves it. They save their customer's most valuable asset – time – and add a personal touch to time consuming and difficult tasks.