You've probably planned something in your life around a trip to 7-Eleven at some point. When I was a kid, my mother used it to motivate me in all kinds of ways. So did my track coach who planned out running routes to end with a Slurpee. 

But now, for the first time that I'm aware of, the company is offering to bring that Slurpee to you wherever you are.

"Sometimes things can get inconvenient away from home. It could be running out of ice and charcoal at a picnic or a hungry Little League team demanding pizza and Slurpee drinks after a big game," said Raghu Mahadevan, the company's vice president of delivery, in a press release. "7NOW makes ordering and getting delivery in about 30 minutes a reality for customers whether they're at a park, a ballfield, arena, venue and of course, at home."

The company announced on Monday that the latest update to its 7NOW delivery app adds thousands of public delivery locations, or pins, including parks, beaches and other places that might not have a regular address.

A courier grabs the order from the nearest store and delivers it to the pin location in half and hour or less, usually.

Apparently being a convenience store in the 21st century just isn't convenient enough anymore. With the plethora of delivery services changing they way we shop for pretty much anything, give credit to this old school company for being forward thinking.

To start, the service is available in 27 metro areas, with 200 more on the way. 

7-Eleven says there's no minimum order and the app features real-time tracking to see how close your Slurpee is, and how melted it likely is by the time it gets to you.