There's nothing worse than leaving a prized heirloom pocket knife in your carry-on bag and having it seized by airport security. Unless, maybe, it's having the missile launcher you were hoping to keep as a souvenir detected by the TSA

When Transportation Security Administration officials detected the military weapon in a man's checked luggage at Baltimore/Washington Airport on Monday morning, he was quickly detained by airport police.

Upon questioning, the traveler from Jacksonville, Texas, told authorities that he was an active duty member of the military on his way home from Kuwait. He had been hoping to hold on to the bazooka as a keepsake.

Unfortunately for the service member, regulations make it illegal to carry military weapons in either checked or carry-on bags. Presumably carrying them as your small personal item or safely stowed during take-off and landing is also frowned upon, regardless of whether they come equipped with an airplane mode.

So, despite the fact that the missile launcher was not "a live device," according to the TSA, it had to be confiscated, handed over to the local fire marshal and disposed of. 

In the end, a surely disappointed passenger was released and allowed to catch his flight. 

While you'd think bringing a device on a plane that's designed to destroy a tank might get you booted from the flight, it just shows that having innocent intentions (and the right credentials) does still count for something.