Amazon has announced that it hopes to hire thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of new employees for ten of its fulfillment centers nationwide on August 2nd.

The company will hold a massive jobs fair at each of the centers as well as two off-site locations and plans to make job offers to candidates for thousands of part-time and full-time jobs on the spot.

To snag one of these jobs, which basically involve manning the Amazon warehouse but have the potential for advancement, you'll need to check the dress code here, bring identification, and plan to arrive in the morning to take a tour of the facility and declare yourself a candidate.

Here's the list of locations where the hiring will be happening:

  1. Baltimore, Maryland
  2. Chattanooga, Tennessee
  3. Etna, Ohio (Columbus)
  4. Fall River, Massachusetts
  5. Hebron, Kentucky (Cincinnati)
  6. Kenosha, Wisconsin (between Chicago and Milwaukee)
  7. Kent, Washington (Seattle)
  8. Robbinsville, New Jersey (Trenton)
  9. Romeoville, Illinois (Chicago)
  10. Whitestown, Indiana (Indianapolis)

In addition, job interviews will also be held off-site at location in Buffalo, New York and Oklahoma City.

If you do apply, be sure to put your best foot forward (but don't worry too much about the handshake). While the odds of being hired may seem in your favor with so many openings, it's worth noting that several of the fulfillment centers are located in cities and states with above average unemployment rates, so competition may be stiff.

It's also possible to apply online if you can't make it in person.

Amazon will be streaming the hiring spree live on August 2nd via Facebook if you want to watch how a company hires the equivalent of a small city in a day.