Earlier this month, word spread that Apple is sitting on as much as a quarter trillion dollars in cash, leading to speculation that the company could easily purchase another iconic name like, say, Disney. But why not think even bigger?

That much money is actually more than the entire annual output of the nation of Chile. So Apple could give 18 million hardworking Chileans the year off and likely win over at least one country's worth of devoted iOS and Mac users for life.

It's also more than the entire $200 billion so-called "millennial market" by some measures. So rather than working so hard to appeal to the generation, Apple can just do something else because they've already got more money than all millennials are willing to spend.

The fact is that with that much cash, Cupertino could buy some of the world's most beloved sports franchises. Actually, it could buy all of them.

According to Forbes, the most valuable sports team on the planet (as of 2016) is the NFL's Dallas Cowboys worth about $4 billion, followed by soccer darlings Real Madrid and Barcelona, each worth over $3.5 billion and the New York Yankees at $3.4 billion.

In fact, Apple could buy up all fifty teams on the list, which includes almost all NFL teams, soccer's biggest names and a few NBA teams for under $110 billion. Add all thirty National Hockey League franchises, and Apple would still have nearly half of its cash left to finish buying up Major League Baseball and NBA teams.

With every internationally known athlete in its employ and presumably required to wear Apple Watches and flash other company devices across all media, just imagine the cash the company could save on endorsement deals.

With that kind of attention and the opening of Apple's brand new research and development center in California, perhaps a new sports-centric Apple could make concussions a thing of the past.