Elon Musk's latest startup, the Boring Company, is already making swift progress towards its goal of clearing up traffic by shooting your car around town underneath the congestion.

Early Wednesday, Musk shared a video on Instagram showing a test of the Boring car elevator. It shows a Tesla (of course) rolling onto what is apparently a platform that then lowers the entire car to a tunnel below and out of frame.

The whole idea here, as Musk explained in a talk at TED a few months back, is to convey cars around through a network of tunnels using high-speed "skates" that move at speeds upwards of 120 mph.

It's a lot like the priority lines that allow you to skip the waiting at airport security, but way more cool.

The Boring Company also seeks to greatly improve the efficiency and speed of tunnel boring itself, which are improvements Musk will need if he hopes to build enough tunnels to have a meaningful impact on our widespread traffic snarls, especially in the company's hometown of Los Angeles.

For now though, it's telling that the video Musk shared doesn't show us where the car that disappears below ground goes.

Until the Boring Company and Musk work through the significant permitting process of digging a tunnel system beneath a major metropolitan area, it's on a road to nowhere. But hey, it still looks cool.