Get ready for a ride on the regret roller coaster, brought to you by hindsight. 

A decade after the stock market bottomed out in 2009, you'd look pretty smart today if you took advantage and went on a tech buying spree back then, as it's been a bull market ever since. 

Netflix was actually up in the first quarter of 2009 when everything else was cratering, but it is way, way up since then. If you had purchased $10,000 worth of the stock when it was around $5 back then, you'd be sitting on over $700,000 today.

Similarly, if you caught Amazon when it dipped below $50 around Christmas of 2008, that nice little holiday gift would be worth over $350,000 now. 

Abiomed might be thought of more as a health care company, but as a maker of medical implants and even artificial hearts, it's certainly a tech company too. And its stock is worth about 50 times what it was in March of 2009, meaning a $1,000 investment would allow you take a very nice vacation if you cashed it in today.

California's Align Technologies is a similar type of company that deals in clear orthodontics, although an important part of its business is 3D digital scanners. It's seen nearly as much growth in its stock price as Abiomed over the past decade.

Chip maker NVIDIA saw its stock take a tumble in the last part of 2018, but it has since begun to recover. And if you bought into this kingmaker of the video game world back in 2009, you're likely still feeling pretty good about the investment that's up more than 2,000 percent.

And yes, it's been a good decade for Apple, too. Ten years after the iPhone 3GS, an investment in what would become one of the most valuable companies in history is up over 1,000 percent.

So now that we have the benefit of ten years of hindsight, it should be clear which tech was the best to invest in during those dark days of 2009.

The answer is actually overwhelming, and it's not Netflix.

It's Bitcoin.

Yes, even though the maligned cryptocurrency is down almost 75 percent from its stratospheric peak of late 2017, it would still make you a very rich person if you had the foresight to buy $10,000 worth when a single Bitcoin was selling for just half a cent in 2009

How rich? Today that single investment would be worth over $10 billion, putting you among the richest people in the world and more well off than the likes of George Soros and even Reed Hastings, Mr. Netflix himself.