You've surely heard that an epidemic of sitting - at work in myriad offices, at home at the end of the day, in cars between home and office - is contributing to an obesity epidemic and slowly killing us all. 

Enter the manufactured messiah for this modern malady: the standing desk! Studies have shown that switching to a standing desk can shrink your waistline and possibly extend your lifespan

I've tried standing desks and gone on the record to declare that the benefits of standing six hours a day do not outweigh the fact that you are standing for six hours a day. But science is relentless and new research has dropped to once again convince me that I should probably just get off my rear.

This new research out of the UK may just be the more reasonable compromise I've been looking for to settle the great standing vs. sitting for work quandary. It finds that providing employees with adjustable sit-stand workstations did lead to workers sitting less while also having an apparent positive impact on performance and psychological health.

After using the workstations for a year, employees reduced the amount of time spent on their keisters by over an hour a day and spent that time standing instead.

The research, published in the journal BMJ, also found based on surveys of study participants that the new workstations may have helped improve job performance, work engagement, occupational fatigue, presenteeism (showing up for work), daily anxiety and quality of life. 

The subjects reported no notable changes in job satisfaction, however. Work is still work, whether you're standing or not.

Now I have a little confession: my home workstation actually is a sit-stand desk. But it is reliably in the "sit" position except for the few rare times that I'm sore and injured and standing is actually more comfortable. 

I'm actually known to do lots of my work in a reclined position, on the couch or with my feet up on an ottoman, to the annoyance of everyone else in the living room. 

While the sit-stand desk is a great compromise for many people, I still prefer to work at max comfort, as it seems to make me more productive and leaves more time for me to fit in a run or bike ride to make up for all those hours on my butt. 

What works best for you: sitting, standing, a combination of both, or full lazing around like me? Let me know @EricCMack