Before "Netflix and chill" was ever a thing, the sanitizing blue and gold glow of Blockbuster Video was the gateway to the weekend for many across America. But the broadband era led to declining business, mounting debt, eventual bankruptcy and today just one Blockbuster location remains. 

But that doesn't mean it's giving up just yet. 

Rather the lone surviving Blockbuster in Bend, Oregon is doubling down on its status as a remnant of another era that holds plenty of nostalgia for many of us who still remember the phrase "be kind, please rewind."

The remaining rental location is throwing a Block(buster) party with Bend's own 10 Barrel Brewing, which has created a limited edition brew in honor of the store. 

The new beer, appropriately named "The Last Blockbuster" and clothed in a signature (but not quite trademark-violating) blue and gold label will be available to taste at the party on Friday, September 21.

"Let’s celebrate over three decades of film, memories, and classic summer blockbusters that we’ll never forget," reads a Facebook event description

A press release from the brewery says the new beer "pairs perfectly with buttery theater popcorn and your favorite movie-sized chocolate with a light body, smooth finish and hints of nostalgia."

Translation: It's variation of the brewery’s S1nist0r Black Ale with added hints of red licorice.

"We promise each sip will deliver you back to a time when cracking open that blue and white VHS case was the sound of an epic Saturday evening," 10 Barrel wrote on Instagram.

Decades after becoming a household name, Blockbuster is finally becoming the life of the party and, just maybe, the coolest place to go "Netflix and chill" (or something close to it) with a few of your best buds and a few beers.