Elon Musk and his rocket company SpaceX have big plans to send humans to the moon, Mars and beyond that you've probably heard about. This grand vision all hinges on a massive new rocket and spacecraft system called "BFR" for "Big Falcon Rocket" or "Big F***ing Rocket."

Following the successful test launch of the company's huge Falcon Heavy rocket, Musk is charging ahead with plans to start building BFR at a facility at the Port of Los Angeles. It's also advertising a job opening for a "BFR Build Engineer" to lead the effort.

Not surprisingly, the role requires a lot of experience in various aspects of aerospace, mechanical and materials engineering.

For example, does your work experience include "exposure to advanced NDE methods such as phased array ultrasonics, eddy current arrays and digital radiography?" Mine sure doesn't, but if you've got those words on your resume (or even know what they mean) then perhaps you're the person that can take us to Mars.

The role also requires some background leading a team and a little technical drafting experience, but there's one and only one "additional requirement" listed in the job description and it's a doozy:

"Must be available to work long hours and weekends as needed."

In other words, those with a life need not apply. Applying to build Elon Musk's Mars rocket means your soul belongs to Elon.

Or from a less cynical standpoint, you will be devoting your being to the mission of making humans a multi-planetary species.

That sounds a little better.

This kind of requirement in a job listing isn't actually that unusual, but kudos to SpaceX for being upfront about it. And it also helps the company attract the kind of motivated and mission-driven people it wants for its team. Transparency is a win-win here.

So if you have no life or are comfortable giving your life over to the future of a Martian sub-species, apply now.

Published on: Jun 16, 2018
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