It was less than half a year ago when Wow Air, Iceland's favorite purple planes, were grounded by bankruptcy, leaving a lot of unlucky passengers stranded

Now the budget carrier has a new owner and it's looking to get off the ground again as soon as October, but does the brand deserve your business?

In this case the new owner is Michele Roosevelt Edwards, who is also known as Michele Ballarin, a somewhat enigmatic American businessperson and chair of US Aerospace Associates who previously had a side project working on nation-building in Somalia

Edwards held a press conference earlier this month announcing her plan to start flying again between Washington, D.C. and Reykjavik in October using a fleet of just two planes at the start. 

She said that the rebooted Wow Air's operating license will start off under the FAA, technically making it an American airline, but with plans to obtain another license in Iceland and keeping Reykjavik as a destination. 

She also made a number of vague promises for the future of Wow that included "making flying fun again," in-flight meals prepared with the help of a "three-star Michelin Chef," and introducing passenger lounges and biometric boarding. 

Despite the promise to start flying in mere weeks, Wow Air's website and other official channels have yet to announce that it's back and ready for your reservation. It's now 10 days after Edwards's press conference and the website still displays the shutdown message from previous ownership. 

It's not exactly a great way to start back up for a company that literally left passengers stranded in airports with a worthless ticket for a budget airline and suddenly forced to buy far more expensive tickets on short notice to get home. 

So can Edwards deliver on all (or any) of her promises?

Flying the previous iteration of Wow was an adequate and high value way to get back and forth from Europe. But I'll definitely be waiting for the first reviews from the new Wow Air flights before considering the brand again. That is, if they actually do get off the ground.