Looking for inspiration in 2012? Why not refresh your Twitter feed?

Whether it's for breaking news, daily inspiration, or even just a quick laugh, it's important for entrepreneurs and small business owners to follow the thought leaders and decision-makers that could have an impact on their businesses—and lives. But amidst some 200 million Twitter users, who should you follow?

We asked readers and Inc.com editors for their favorites, and we've listed them out below. But the list is hardly complete. Feel free to weigh in below with your favorite start-up, entrepreneurial, and small business tweeters in the comments section below.

Mark Suster:

Mark Suster is a two-time entrepreneur and venture capitalist. As a general partner with Los Angeles-based GRP Partners, he sits on the boards of Ad.ly, Awe.sm, Burstly, DataSift, GumGum, Maker Studios, Ring Revenue, and textPlus. He also writes Bothsidesofthetable.com, a popular blog about start-ups and entrepreneurship.

Vivek Wadhwa:

Wadhwa, an entrepreneur and academic with appointments at Duke, Harvard, UC-Berkeley, Emory, and Singularity University, tweets about entrepreneurship, economics, and policy. Wadhwa is also a crusader for foreign-born immigrant entrepreneurs, and writes often (and tweets about) immigration and job-creation for outlets like The Washington Post and BusinessWeek.

Felix Salmon:

Salmon, the finance blogger for Reuters, earns his keep breaking financial news for Reuters. But his Twitter feed is one part finance and one part acerbic wit—definitely a must-follow for business news (and a few good laughs).

Brad Feld:

Feld, the Boulder-based managing director of Foundry Group, is a start-up scene veteran who invests in software and Internet companies. He also writes Feld Thoughts, his blog on start-ups, investing…and robotics.

Ilya Pozin:

Ilya Pozin is the founder of Ciplex, a digital marketing and creative agency. Pozin, an Inc.com columnist (and management guru,) authored 2011's most popular LinkedIn article, "9 Things that Motivate Employees More than Money."

Eric Ries:

Ries is the brainchild of the "Lean Startup" movement and the author of the blog Startup Lessons Learned. His tweets typically focus on bootstrapping, funding, pivoting, and the art of staying "lean."

Alexia Tsotsis:

Tsotsis' Twitter profile pretty much sums it up: "Writer at TechCrunch. Breaks news, hearts."

Dave McClure:

McClure is the founder of 500 Startups, which provides early-stage companies with funding ranging from $10,000 to $250,000 seed investments. A self-professed "Hillbilly VC," McClure's twitter feed is infomative, hilarious, and sometimes belligerent.

Paul Graham:

Graham, a jack-of-all-trades whose repertoire includes life as an essayist, programmer, language designer, investor and entrepreneur, is the co-founder of Y Combinator, a seed-stage investment firm started in March 2005.

Fred Wilson:

If anyone knows the New York start-up scene, it's Fred Wilson. Wilson, a venture capitalist and the principal of Union Square Ventures, which has invested in companies like Disqus, Etsy, and Foursquare, also writes a widely-read blog avc.com, which focuses on start-ups and entrepreneurship.

Whitney Johnson:

Whitney Johnson, a writer for Harvard Business Review and a prolific tweeter on start-ups and investments, is a founding partner of Rose Park Advisors, Clayton M. Christensen's investment firm, which was founded on the principles of disruptive innovation.

Published on: Jan 3, 2012