It's finally here: Election Day. Whether you've already gone out to perform your civic duty, here's a few number-crunching, data-loving, and politics-obsessed start-ups worth checking out.

How much is your vote worth?

Abine, a Boston-based online privacy start-up, created a calculator that reveals about how much your vote is worth--in terms of dollars spent on online ads--by either of the campaigns. It's a simple questionnaire that takes into account your location, gender, and voting patterns.

"Higher values are all about influence," the company notes on its blog. "You're worth more to the campaigns if you have a lot of influence in your social circles and if they think you can be influenced to switch your vote."

Whom should you vote for?

ElectNext, another Boston-based start-up, has been described as the "eHarmony for voting." The start-up asks users a series of questions, and lets them know which candidate would be best for their beliefs. About three million people have already used the site, which describes itself as non-partisan. The company has raised $750,000 in venture capital and earns revenue by providing its app to media partners.

Running your own campaign?

Check out VoterTide, an Omaha, Nebraska-based start-up that offers social media tools to help you run your next political campaign. With VoterTide Pro, the company's main product, "You will always be the first to know when online buzz is building, news is breaking, and who is leading the conversation that matters for your candidate or issue."

The company's helpful dashboard lets you monitor--in real time--all the Web interactions, Twitter mentions, site traffic relevant to your campaign.

Which candidates are best for the Internet?

This one's not a start-up, but helpful if you care about preserving the openness of the Web. Nathan Hurst, a blogger and founder of, a "speed dating" site for software jobs, went through each state and compiled a list of candidates up for election that support SOPA (and why you shouldn't vote for them, of course). Check it out. 

Published on: Nov 6, 2012