Startup America, the sprawling start-up initiative headed by CTO and co-founder Scott Case, had an idea on Monday morning: Let's take some start-ups to the Kentucky Derby.

Despite how it sounds, the idea wasn't completely random.

To explain: Startup America recently launched its Kentucky regional branch, and bringing founders to the Derby would allow the entrepreneurs to network with the Mayor of Louisville, Greg Fisher, and hob-nob with executives at the race. (I imagine there will be a mint julep or two in the picture as well.)

According to a Startup America spokesperson, the idea was actually inspired by this year's Super Bowl, when Case managed to wrangle a few start-up founders in to the Big Game. Once there, they were able to pitch their company ideas to Mark Cuban in his private suite. So why not try to recreate that scene at the Kentucky Derby?

On Monday, the Startup America team cobbled together a "Send My Founder to the Kentucky Derby Contest" promotion on their site. Founders were asked to submit one minute videos that detailed three things:

  1. What is your company's product or service
  2. What problem does it solve
  3. Why your founder should go to the Kentucky Derby

There was one catch. Entries were due at 5 p.m. that afternoon.

On Tuesday, Startup America picked the winners: Ralph Acosta, CEO of SkuRun, a Los Angeles company that mobilizes sales and marketing content, and Andrew Sell, founder of HipCycle, an online marketplace for upcycled products from Ocean, New Jersey.

"I'm incredibly excited to head to Louisville with Skurun and HipCycle to check out both the honored tradition of the Derby and the vibrant, growing start-up scene in Kentucky," Case said in an e-mail.

Meet the lucky, Derby-bound founders below.