Vinod Khosla issued a reality check to Silicon Valley Wednesday. 

While on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt, the VC and co-founder of Sun Microsystems called out his fellow VCs, saying that most provide little value to entrepreneurs in the early stages of their start-ups. 

"Ninety five percent of VCs add zero value, and 70 to 80 percent of VCs add negative value to a start-up," he said. 

"Listen politely," Khosla advised the entrepreneurs in the audience, "and do what you want."

The problem, as Khosla sees it, is that entrepreneurs end up running in too many directions, often at the poor direction of a board member who knows little about the product or market. Ultimately, entrepreneurs are best served by trusting their own instincts--even if it means quietly ignoring the very person funding your company.

"This is what I believe," he said. "It's what I've seen. It's why I don't show to board meetings. It saves me a lot of time to not listen to VCs and spend the time to mentor entrepreneurs."

In a room full of entrepreneurs, Khosla emerged the hero, at least according to the Tweets that followed: