To the Inc. family:

On behalf of all of us at Inc., I hope you, your loved ones, and your colleagues are keeping well through this barely imaginable crisis. Like you, perhaps, we at ?Inc. have been working from home. It's disorienting, for sure, but we are getting on with it. There is a lot of work to be done.

No one knows better than we at Inc. how heavily the blows of this economic and health crisis fall on business owners like you, the audience we have served for over 40 years. We have stood by you through recessions, financial crises, and acts of terrorism, but this is unlike anything we've ever experienced. Our sole purpose throughout our existence has been to help founders succeed. But today that purpose has even deeper meaning. The urgency is greater, the risk harder to fathom, the battle for survival more intense. We recognize that, and we are with you.

Led by Inc. editor-in-chief Scott Omelianuk, our entire team and all of our resources are now deployed to help you weather this storm.

  • On Inc. com, for example, all of the editorial staff is devoted to the special report we're calling the Essential Guide to Getting Your Business Through the Crisis. Our writers and experts update the effort multiple times a day, with information on everything from interpreting the emergency laws coming out of Washington and the state capitals, to sourcing cash and leading your team through crisis.
  • Our paid Inc. Masters community has thrown open its doors to the entire Inc. 5000 family for free, providing a place where founders can share ideas and understanding in groups moderated by Inc. editors and experts from our broad roster of advisers. 
  • Any live events scheduled for this spring have, of course, been postponed. But we are standing up a portfolio of virtual gathering places where we can reproduce online the exchange of ideas and strategies that have made our live events so vibrant.

Now more than ever, what Inc. stands for matters. We have long understood that business founders are the most courageous and most essential figures in a free enterprise economy, the wellspring of capitalism's innovation and job creation. It appalls us at Inc. to witness the pain that this crisis is inflicting on your companies, but that only strengthens our resolve to do everything in our power to help you through it.

And you will get through. The companies you've built are the backbone of the American economy, and you will figure out how to make it to the other side of this crisis. When you do, we will be there with you.

Eric Schurenberg


Mansueto Ventures