Pinterest has gone from a curiosity, where people share images of things they like, to a Web powerhouse. This fall, the site beat Yahoo's organic traffic to become the fourth-largest traffic driver on the Internet. It isn't just another social network.

Now Pinterest has taken a more active interest in businesses and created four new sets of tools to help marketers improve their strategies on the site. Here's the rundown.

Verified identities

You want to be sure that people realize you are who you say you are, and that others can't try to ride on your coattails. To that end, you can use the website verification process, clicking the Verify Website button on your Pinterest settings page.

Buttons and widgets

Just as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and others have buttons or widgets that you can incorporate into your own site, Pinterest also has them, including a

  • Pin It button, to let people quickly pin things from your site
  • Follow button, to invite consumers to follow you on Pinterest
  • Profile widget, to show up to 30 of your latest pins
  • Board widget, to show up to 30 of your favorite board's latest pins

The button and widget page lets you click one of the four types and provide your specifics. It shows a preview of what things will look like and provides the necessary code.

Tips on future developments

Businesses will get updates on future services, so you can plan how to change your use of Pinterest to best take advantage of new capabilities.

Learning what works

Perhaps the most important thing is to get insight into how others have used Pinterest in their marketing. To that end, there are three additional resources:

With the tools comes a new terms of service for businesses. It includes giving Pinterest permission to "collect and use information from you and your users as described in our Privacy Policy," so it probably makes sense to review the terms in detail, so you (and your customers) can't be taken by surprise.

Published on: Nov 30, 2012
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