When the weather strikes up, you can quickly get shut down. Snow, high winds, heavy rain, and more violent meteorological outbursts can leave you stranded at home, in the office, at an airport, or even in your car. You might have appointments, meetings, and deadlines that will no longer happen and a schedule now tattered.

It's easy to get frustrated. But why give in to negativity when you can take the problem as an opportunity? The very act of having your day turned upside down also means that you have a rare opportunity to do things that might not normally fit into your daily checklist. Here are nine ways you can take advantage of having your routine turned upside down.


One problem with everything going smoothly is that nothing goes differently. You are on autopilot most of the time. That means you've faced barriers, made adjustments, added activities, and otherwise let much of your approach to life happen. When the world shifts you out of automatic, reconsider how you do what you do and find better ways.


If you're constantly on the go, you probably don't have a chance to unwind. When things are put to a total stop, consider taking a rest. It might mean a nap or even a chance to daydream and let your mind wander. Let yourself recuperate because you never know when the next chance may come.


The more you try to achieve and make happen, the less inclined you are to admit that things can be out of your control. While insisting on results can be a helpful tool, beating your head against a brick wall isn't. Use the weather as a chance to accept that there are things bigger than you.


When you can't do, you might be able to plan. That is a complete gift. When you plan in advance, you begin to consider what might get in your way and consider appropriate measures in advance. You can decide what is most important and focus more effectively.


We can rush from one place to another thing to such an extent that we lose ourselves. Experiences pile one atop another and we don't take the time to look at them and see what is possible to learn. If your schedule is at a standstill, take some time to reflect.


When you're stopped in your tracks, you also have an opportunity for some introspection. Where are you within your life? What characteristics hold you back and which help you progress? Take an inventory of your psychology and shine some light in dark places. Brightness and air can help heal old wounds and bring you renewed strength.


Remember all the things that go right and the tremendous blessings you have in your life, no matter how imperfect it may often seem.


This can be a great time to place a phone call, send an email, or even, yes, write an old fashioned letter to family, colleagues, and long-time friends. Say hello without wanting anything in return, tell them what is going on with you, inquire after their lives, and strengthen your relationships.


What tasks have you left to the side because you're too busy attending to urgencies? Clean up some of your pre-existing to-do list.