The world has seen some odd fast food promotions, like pickle slushes and warped AI-generated video ads.

But yesterday, Arby's may have gone all that one better. Not only grabbing attention, but expanding brand extensions and demonstrating how diehard some of their fans are.

The company offered a monthly box subscription for the next six months. Cost was $25 per person to cover the entire time. And while we don't know exactly how many were available (because I'm guessing at that price it was a loss leader), all of them were gone in an hour, according to Adweek.

Each month is supposed to bring a different seasonally correct selection. The first one includes a winter hat, bacon scarf, an Arby's dining tray, and temporary tattoos of sandwiches.

If you missed out and feel deprived, not to be concerned. Arby's is taking names and emails to let people know when the next round happens.

How crazy could this get? We're talking about a company that produced and distributed meat-themed sweat clothing.

Yes, you'd have to be a bit obsessed--or crazed--to periodically wrap yourself in the apparel equivalent of sandwich meats. But that's the point: some portion of customers will.

These are super fans (or, in this case, maybe also people with an attraction to camp and kitsch). Some people feel an especially strong bond with companies they favor. Identifying these people and keeping in touch is a smart move. These are the folks who will most likely talk well of you on social media and spend a lot of money in the long run. Particularly, in this case, as they're spending money for the promotion and not getting a strict giveaway in their eyes.

Brand extensions, like a big name in luxury cars selling perfume or jewelry with its name on the items, seem like a waste if you're an outsider. But that doesn't matter, because those who don't care will pay little attention. Those who are among the superfans will latch onto every word and roast turkey nose warmer.