Promotions that turn into disasters are a dime a dozen these days, or would be if the companies didn't spend so much money on them. But there is the occasional brilliant use of technology to take marketing to a new level. That's exactly what Chipotle did on Tuesday with a new free food promotion that combines technology, music, and hip-hop artist RZA, who's the leader of the Wu-Tang Clan.

Chipotle launched an immersive music site called Savor.Wavs. RZA choose 51 musical samples and associated each with an item or ingredient the food chain offers.

Here's a video of the overall idea.

Consumers go to the site and start selecting items. As you highlight each, a sample gets dropped onto a looping audio track. The fewer the items, the louder each sample is. The more you add, the more balanced things get so you can hear the newer ones. I ran though the site, chose some items, and recorded a video to show how it works.

According to computational search engine Wolfram Alpha, the number of unique combinations you can out of those 51 items is 2,251,799,813,685,248. Enough to keep you busy until your order arrives.

But what about the free food? That comes -- while supplies last -- at the end of your composition. You can enter your mobile number to get a one-time buy-one-get-one (BOGO for you marketing mavens) digital coupon. You buy one entrée and get another free. According to the rules, it's one per number (yes, getting a burner phone might work but is going overboard) with an maximum value of $10. The promotion ends on August 31, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. Central Daylight Time. There are 4,250,000 available coupons, according to the rule, so while you might want to get a move on, there are probably still plenty to go around.

This promotion is particularly slick by touching on popular culture, entertainment, music, technology, a celebrity, and free food, all at the same time.