And then there is new users of Instagram: the Internal Revenue Service.

Yeah, the IRS. And the remarks write themselves:

  • Go to the page find out how much you're going to owe.
  • Oh, wait, there's an update.
  • Now it's more.
  • But we have smiley faces.

I'm late to the game, however. Some people have started fake IRS Instragram pages with sayings like "We've got what it takes to take what you've got," or "Keep stacking cash! We are just here to cheer."

Or you can go to the real IRS Instagram site. Not the place you'd head for a fun time. (Depending on your definition of fun, that is.)

You can understand the theory of why the IRS would have a site, even though it only has ten posts and, as of this writing, 3026 followers. Not hugely popular, of course, but this is intended to be a service to taxpayers. There's some information on changes in tax laws and alerts about different scams criminals run to commit identity theft or snag someone's refund.

But, it's the IRS. Not really top of mind when you think about why people go to Instagram. No stunning pictures. Not even a good image of someone's upscale lunch. Heck, you can't even see a coffee and doughnut.

My guess would be hardly anyone goes to the IRS Instagram page. It seems like a pretty strong mismatch between the characteristic strengths of a medium and what someone might want to achieve.

You've likely seen companies that seem intent on being everywhere when it comes to social media. They've drunk deep from the theory, spread by would-be social media "experts" and "consultants," that you have to do it all.

That's just crazy. You want have limited resources and want to uses them wisely. Talk to your current customers. Build a profile of the types of people who tend to do business with you. Find out their social media preferences and build that into the profiles. Then focus on the networks where you can best expect to find your customers and people like them.

And while it's good that the IRS tries to reach people over important topics, if you're looking for some Instagram fun, look elsewhere.