Have you gone to JebBush.com lately? If you do, you'll see that it redirects to DonaldJTrump.com. Although some media sites claim to have just discovered this, the problem was originally noticed by the Daily Caller back on December 7. Not that it matters, because this is the sort of gaffe that keeps on giving. Or is it taking?

JebBush.com apparently wasn't a property of Bush's campaign, which uses Jeb2016.com. The owner isn't publicly known, although the registrar seems to be registered and managed through Fabulous.com. But it's easy to imagine that Trump's camp either noticed the opening and took it, or that some third party did, grabbed the name, and then made it available at a fee that let them make some money while Trump made a money out of Bush.

The sad thing is that this isn't the first time Bush found himself outmaneuvered on the web. A gay couple owns JebBushforPresident.com and JebBushforPresident.net, a site that has nothing to do with promoting another Bush for the country's chief executive office.

Carly Fiorina was pranked the same way when someone paid for the site carlyfiorina.org, which criticized her history at HP.

People spend a lot of time looking at SEO and thinking about keywords and important links, but sometimes the obvious passes them by. Leave an opening and a competitor might snag some natural sounding URLs and set up redirects to their web properties. Or maybe you forget to renew that website and someone snaps it up as soon as it's on the market.

Operational efficiency and thoroughness are as important in marketing as they are in manufacturing, logistics, accounting, and customer service. If you don't spend the time and effort necessary to nail down all the details, you can find yourself the victim of marketing jujitsu, flat on your back and watching a rival step over your supine body.