The next Kylie Jenner selfie on Instagram may feature the youngest of the Kardashian clan and new beauty products magnate looking over her shoulder. Lady Gaga's company Ate My Heart, Inc. has filed for a trademark: Haus Beauty. And the business will be beauty products.

Kylie Jenner is on her way to the billionaire club, according to Forbes, with a "conservative" net worth of $900 million. The gravy train has been monetization of her fame with a cosmetics line. Rhianna has also done well in the beauty arena with Fenty Beauty.

But Lady Gaga has a pretty sizable following and some significant tech investors as backers, as Recode reported. That could mean a big splash when the company comes out of stealth mode, with the potential to divert attention from the likes of Jenner.

According to the company's U.S. trademark filing (no filing appearing in the EU trademark database yet), the company expects to do business in many areas, including makeup, fragrances, skin treatments, personal care, essential oils, and tanning products. Big plans that will likely need significant investment.

That's where the partners come in. Communications for the venture are apparently being handled by the RZO Companies, a big business management firm. According to Recode, Lightspeed Venture Partners has made an early investment. That VC firm also backed the likes of Snap, Stitch Fix, and Jessica Alba's Honest Company. Haus Beauty's CEO is reportedly Ben Jones, who used to head up digital operations at Honest Company.

So, this could be something with deep involvement on the part of Lady Gaga or an arrangement more akin to a licensing deal. It's impossible to tell at this point.

However, the money sources are important. When you're not early into a market, and there's no lack of competition in beauty, you need resources to help make you heard.

Lady Gaga has a strong fan base and many followers on social media: 76.5 million on Twitter and 28.8 million on Instagram. Jenner has 25.2 million on Twitter and 111 million on Instagram. Rhianna has, on Twitter and Instagram respectively, 86.8 million and 64 million.

With far from an overwhelming advantage on the social media front, Lady Gaga needs other tools, which she has. Her own fame is more broadly based than social media and probably crosses more demographic boundaries. And investments will likely help fund a big traditional marketing campaign targeting presence in retail locations as well as online sales.

She also has a full creative team as part of her Haus of Gaga that could help create products and packaging that reflects her personal brand. Given that includes clothing and set pieces, there is also the possibility the new company could address even more product types in the future.