Passion is more than an excited feeling toward something. Rather, it is the concentration on something of great importance to you. People often describe entrepreneurs as passionate.

But it can be difficult to let go and follow a passion. Doing so will take significant time because you're likely trying to achieve something real, and that's always a challenge. And there is the fear of disappointment and even of looking like an oddball; most people are uncomfortable around real passion, no matter how much they protest to the counter. However, it's time to do so. Today. Right now. Here's why.

Journeys take time and you don't have forever

People procrastinate all the time for a variety of reasons. Maybe what they say is important isn't really, but they like the sound of it. Or maybe it is important and they're nervous that it will go wrong or not be what they want or they might fall short. But if it's really important, how long are you willing to wait? Until you're at the end of your life -- which literally could happen at any moment for all you know -- and looking back with regrets? You may or may not make it, but you won't know unless you try. It might not be what you thought it would, but you'll never know until you're following that path. Start now and you're already closer to your goal than you would be tomorrow.

Passion demands action

Passion is more than a feeling or of navel gazing. If you're not actually doing something about what is important to you, it's all in your head. You might as well say that you love coffee even though you would never drink it. To have a passion means to embrace it and try to set it into action, and action happens in the moment, not some theoretical future.

If you don't, other things suffer

Although a common view of pursing a passion is doing so at the expense of other things in your life, that isn't passion. It's obsession. For people with balance in their lives, strong passion enhances all the other aspects. Eliminate the pursuit of passion, choke off its air, and you smother everything else as well. How long can you keep a constricting blanket on an entire life? (And why would you want to?)

It's exhilarating

Going headlong after something important to you may be demanding, even tiring at times, but it is a joyous and filling experience. Taking the journey lights up other parts of your life that in turn help fuel the passion in a virtuous circle. Getting important things done and enjoying the process seems like as aspect of life you'd want to embrace rather than put off.

What better are you doing?

Really, what is more important? Pursuing a passion doesn't mean forgoing responsibility and duty. Far from it, you're expanding upon those ideas. There's always time to doddle or watch TV or an old movie. Do something new and enrich your life -- and maybe the world.