ClockIt was once a robust, free online time and attendance system, but they probably ultimately figured out they were giving away too much with the service. While it may no longer be free, it's really inexpensive and the pricing and features make it our top pick for best time and attendance software/services for very small businesses.

Being an online service cuts out the costs associated with hosting a system on-site or the need to buy expensive time clocks that can run north of $1,000. ClockIt's pricing is unique in that its model is targeted at teams and not individuals. Its smallest plan is $15 a month for up to 10 users. By comparison, many other services charge a monthly fee and then a fee per employee per month.

Monthly rates for ClockIt go up to $30 for up to 20 users, $50 for up to 50 users and $100 for up to 100 users. All plans come with a free 14-day trial and paying annually nets a two-month discount.

With ClockIt, you'll get the basics like time and attendance, reporting and leave accruals. There is an app that runs on iPhones and Android, and a kiosk businesses can use it for time entry. There are also some extras like GPS tracking of employees and route planning for mobile workers to help boost efficiency when traveling from site to site.

Employees have multiple options for entering time. They can do it online, through mobile apps or the collaboration tool Slack. ClockIt will also sell you a physical time clock if you need it. Their cheapest units start at $300 for a radio-frequency identification scanner and run up to $650 for facial recognition and fingerprint combination scanners.

ClockIt's notification system alerts managers, administrators and users about punches, absences and shifts across the app, web and Slack. The attendance tracker works in real time, notifying where and when a punch occurred. Administrators can run attendance audits using a wide variety of filters, and managers can easily create schedules, build work groups and compare that against accrued time to make sure no one's schedule pushes them past the overtime threshold, based on rules admins add to the system.

This is a very affordable system and it comes with support, albeit only online. Issues are submitted with online trouble tickets. There is a community resource page, plenty of tutorials, documents and community support, though. And subscribers to plans with more than 20 users get access to ClockIt's API.

Any very small business person with some coding experience could probably develop some additional tools that would boost the capabilities of the platform. Reviews of the site also seem to suggest that if users find something they need, company founder Basil Abbas and his team are happy to make changes. It is definitely worth the free trial to find out if its the right solution for your business.

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