Deputy, the Australia-based scheduling solution, has the right combination of features and price to be our top pick for the best time and attendance software or service for small business.

Deputy works a little differently from most of the other platforms we reviewed. While scheduling is an added feature for most time and attendance systems, Deputy is a scheduling system first. If that's all a business needs, it's $2 per month per user. Upgrading to the Premium level service is just a dollar more at $3 more per person per month and it comes loaded with features. There are also customizable solutions for larger and more complex businesses.

With Deputy, managers can create drag-and-drop schedules for employees regardless of work area or location. New employees are easily added through the manager dashboard. Depending on the level of freedom an organization wants to grant its employees, workers can go in the system to manage their availability or switch shifts. Their daily and weekly hour thresholds will keep them from racking up unauthorized overtime or keep part-timers from crossing into full-time territory.

The time and attendance features allow employees to clock in from any device using the Deputy app. The company also offers an on-site time clock called Kiosk. It's web-based and can include facial recognition to ensure the right person is clocking in for the right shift. The Kiosk also gives employees a run-down of what their jobs are for that shift, so no tasks go undone.

Additional features include a news feed that allows the organization to communicate with employees. Messages can be sent to individuals, groups or the entire organization. These can include images or attachments. Employees are notified through email or push notifications. You could even start a conversation by allowing employees to comment on posts.

The Premium service includes integration with your payroll system, including popular services like ADP and Paychex. You can even integrate it with your point-of-sale system, giving your business a better sense of the kind of traffic there is at different times or even locations, which can help a manager determine staffing levels.

There is also a performance and journaling feature, allowing managers to note outstanding employee performance through the Deputy app. Conversely, managers can note employees who may need some further training.

Nonprofits get access to special pricing. There are also weekly subscriptions for organizations that run events and have a temporary workforce they need to pay for a limited amount of time.

Subscriptions come with 24/7 customer support along with a host of articles and webinars for those who want to check things out for themselves. There is also a chat feature on the site. Additionally, interested businesses can test out the service for free for 14 days.

Deputy has a lot to offer the small business looking for a robust, easy-to-use solution.

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