With the U.S. mobile workforce expected to grow to more than 105.4 million people by 2020, a lot of businesses are going to need a good option for tracking those mobile workers. Our choice for the best time and attendance software and services for offsite staff and virtual businesses is TSheets.

Whether it's construction workers, delivery drivers, landscapers, or home-health-care providers, TSheets keeps tabs on who is where and when they got there. The cloud-based system, by Quickbooks, has a variety of options that allow employees to input their time. Workers can use their laptops, mobile phones, the TSheets app or even a Tweet. The device's GPS alerts managers to the location of the check-in. Even if the employee loses their cell signal, the app syncs up and collects the data once the device is back in range.

The TSheets app can be used for crews as well. Instead of each person clocking in, a job foreman or manager on a site can clock in the crew when they arrive, clock them out for breaks and lunch and then clock them out at the end of the day. The administrator sets the permissions for running the clock and then the supervisors are ready to go.

In addition to the time-tracking methods mentioned before, TSheets provides a manual system for salaried employees who may have job codes they have to bill to. It's a spreadsheet-style manual entry system that can be accessed through TSheet's web dashboard or through the iPhone or Android apps. Administrators have to set up those options.

If you're familiar with Quickbooks, you know it gives you the option to really drill down on your spending. Similarly, TSheets gives you the option to slice and dice your job codes. Administrators willing to take the time can divide job codes out to an incredible level of detail, which can help with reporting and job tracking. Custom data fields allow for this level of detail and it can be integrated into job invoicing and estimating

One potential problem with all those job codes is getting employees to enter the right one. TSheets' mobile app has been updated to suggest job codes based on the address where an employee clocks in. TSheets has also updated its Pay Rate Engine to set pay rate rules and overtime conditions for employees, groups or the entire enterprise. Rates can be set for different times of the day, different pay periods like holidays or even different days of the week or shifts.

TSheets integrates with a number of different systems, the principle one being Quickbooks. But other integrations include the accounting software Xero, ADP's small business HR platform Run, project management tool Knowify, the HR service Justworks and Sage timesheets, to name just a few.

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