Every time and attendance system we've reviewed has the ability to grow with your business, but uAttend is up-front about its pricing and has a plethora of time clock options for businesses that need that physical solution, making it our top choice when it comes to the best time and attendance software for small businesses that need the ability to scale up.

uAttend touts the ability to capture every punch in the cloud, no matter where it comes from. Employees can use a physical clock, the uAttend app, a touch-tone call or the Web.

Plans start at $18 per month for up to nine employees and go to $99 per month for 99 employees. That's not per month per employee, but a flat, per-month rate. Each cloud account plan comes with two time clocks, an administrator and unlimited data exports. Additional clocks cost $10 more per month and additional administrators cost $6 more per month. Keep in mind you'll have to pay $5 more if you want your data in a format other than comma-separated values.

Most of the clocks offered through uAttend come with a lifetime guarantee, PIN punching, a company logo, the ability for employees to request time off, and job tracking on the timeclock. Clocks that include fingerprint scanners cost from $149 to $249 depending on how they're networked to your system. Hard-wired, facial-recognition systems for up to 200 employees cost a little more than $250. Clocks that scan radio frequency identification cards cost between $119 and $219, according to the uAttend website.

So what do customers have to say? Reviewers claim uAttend is as simple as pulling the timeclock out of the box, plugging it into the power supply, hooking it to your network via hardwire or wi-fi and then selecting the plan.

Managers can set rules for each employee regarding work hours and then check punches when employees punch in or out. The system will keep employees from punching in when they're not supposed to and alert managers and employees about missed or early punches. Alerts can come through email or text, and rules can be set by department or specific employee.

Timecards are calculated in real time and can be set up for specific job codes and shifts, and accruals for paid time off are included. The system allows managers to create as many rules as they feel are necessary to meet pay and benefit thresholds. Time approvals can also be done from anywhere there's an internet connection.

If you have an existing payroll system, uAttend can export all the time and attendance to one of more than 200 different systems, including ADP, Paychex and Quickbooks. Andu Attend touts the ability to run payroll in minutes.

Managers also have the ability to run any number of reports to check productivity or review work hours by location or department. The reports also allow organizations to stay in front of any overtime, meal breaks or work hour requirements, keeping them on the right side of compliance.

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