Your company's growth is limited to your staff's overall potential. A business's success is often the result of its team's ability to execute the vision of its founders. Of course, it is important that every new hire is properly integrated into the company culture and given the tools to excel at their role.

When we interview job applicants at Amerisleep, we screen candidates carefully to ensure they align with our brand values and believe in our company mission. This allows us to bring on talent that are a strong culture-fit, which often is a prerequisite for long-term job satisfaction and success.

After that, it is up to us to actively foster employee engagement, loyalty and growth through different initiatives and programs. Below are three strategies we've used to make Amerisleep a workplace our employees love and one where they can also build their careers.

Let employees source, evaluate and execute their own projects.

Your top team members are eager to take on new challenges, although most are inclined to wait for assignments to be handed down to them. This passive approach works for many companies, but there's a better way that can transform workplace productivity and employee engagement.

Empower your managers and directors to source their own projects, evaluate each campaign's return-on-investment (ROI), assess opportunity cost, and execute the most promising ones. Have your staff think like leaders rather than followers. This gives companies a chance to capitalize on their team's creativity and ingenuity.

Previously, Google permitted its engineers to use 20 percent of their time to pursue new projects. As a result, services like Adsense, Gmail and Google Maps were born. While allocating one-fifth of each employee's work week may not be feasible for most companies, you can adapt this practice to fit your specific business. The bottom line is: for your staff to thrive at work, you need to provide them with a sense of autonomy, allowing them to find, analyze and fulfill opportunities they feel will benefit the company long-term.

Provide regular performance feedback.

Sometimes company leaders get so consumed with their own responsibilities and workload that they forget to express gratitude to their team members who play a vital role in keeping operations running smoothly. That leads to discouraged and disengaged workers. In fact, only 29 percent of employees indicate they always know whether or not their performance is where it should be according to research from Leadership IQ.

An occasional "thank you" shows your appreciation for your staff's efforts and is just as important as formal annual performance reviews. So, you should make it a regular habit to inform your employees when they are doing a good job and to provide constructive and thorough feedback when they under perform expectations. In response, your team members will have better guidance on ways they can improve their future deliverables and their own skill sets.

Encourage and offer professional development.

According to research by Ceridian, 91 percent of top performers believe working for an employer that provides development opportunities was very important to them. To retain your best staff members, you have to encourage and offer professional growth programs.

At Amerisleep, we engage consultants and professional development teams to provide regular workshops, training courses and assessment materials. This challenges our staff to expand their capabilities, sharpen their skills and become exceptional at their jobs. To better facilitate employee engagement and loyalty, you have to prove to your team that their development is important to you and to the company as a whole, and that means investing in and providing resources to help them grow.