Craigslist, the online classified ads site, has stealthily begun embedding street maps in real estate listings for the San Fransisco Bay and Portland, Oregon areas.

If you're thinking Craigslist already offered that service, you're probably thinking of PadMapper, the start-up app that mapped all the apartment listings. That is, until Craigslist sued PadMapper for copyright infringement earlier this summer.

“I was kind of disappointed. I was always a great admirer of what Craigslist was doing,” Eric DeMenthon, PadMapper’s founder, told the New York Times at the time of the lawsuit.

As most tech followers know, PadMapper wasn't Craigslist's only target. Two third-party apps, Craigs Little Buddy and Craigsly, were shutdown earlier this year. And it seems, while battling these apps, Craigslist quietly launched its own improvements to its listings, including adding more images. 

As for the maps, Craigslist didn't reveal whether this new in-house feature will be a site-wide feature anytime soon.