Facebook announced yesterday that it will begin testing a few retail-focused buttons under a new feature called Collections. 

The social media company will incorporate new "Want" and "Collect" buttons on personal and retail Facebook pages, according to PCMag.com. The retailers testing these new additions are Fab.com, Pottery Barn, Wayfair, Smith Optics, Victoria's Secret, Michael Kors, and Neiman Marcus. The "Want" button allows users to add a company's product to their "Wishlist."

The "Collect" button, is a bit different. Say Pottery Barn posts a new Collection of lamps on their Facebook page. Instead of just "Liking" it, a user can click a "Collect" button that appears on the lamp's photo. By clicking that button, the user adds the the lamp to their personal "Collection," and it will then post to the user's timeline, making it visible to all of their friends. (Of course, there will be a "Buy" button where consumers can actually buy the product too.)

As The Washington Post reports, Pottery Barn was one of the first compaines to roll out a Facebook Collection. Facebook reportedly will not take a cut of any sales directed through a company's Collection page, unlike the the recently announced Facebook Gifts, where the social media site actually hosts web transactions.

As The Post points out, these Facebook collections bear a resemblence to social media rival Pinterest. According to the newspaper, both sites now let users curate and display a gallery of items they find interesting. Whether or not Facebook's step into stylized social media will actually encroach on Pinterest's growth remains to be seen.