After enduring a siege of city regulations and threats of closure, it looks like Mountain Views' famed Hacker Dojo might just power through, according to the New York Times. 

A haven for emerging entrepreneurs and tech geeks alike, the Hacker Dojo, based in Mountain View, California, has been fighting for it’s survival since late June, when city officials handed the Hacker Dojo a conditional use permit. 

In the permit, Mountain View reportedly gave a laundry list of renovations—including emergency exists, fire supressent systems, and ADA-compliant bathrooms—that the Dojo must comply with in order to stay open.

The catch? The Dojo reportedly needs $250,000 to pay for the necessary renovations. 

“We try to be as supportive as we can,” Ellis Berns, Mountain View’s assistant community development director, also told The Times. “Businesses spin out of there. We are not at all interested in them closing down.”

The offbeat incubator has currently raised  $171,000 through underwear runs, charity auctions, and a KickStarter campaign that ends tomorrow (though they have exceeded their $30,000 goal by almost $15,000). The office has even reportedly received donations from tech giant and neighbor, Google.

Though the Dojo, which opened three years ago, boasts money-making alumni like Pintrest and Pebble Watches, its warehouse setup is anything but corporate. Its cost-effective nature (membership is only $100 a month) attracts legions of fresh faces looking to launch the next big idea, according to the Times.

“We pride ourselves on our community,” Katy Levinson, a robotics engineer, told the outlet. “It’s more fraternity dues than rent.”


Published on: Aug 23, 2012