To help stay relevant, the Federal Communications Commission launched a technology task force yesterday.

Providing additional oversight to the FCC, the task force will help ensure that fiber optic, broadband, and other new digital communication formats are regulated properly, The Hill reported. 

"The Technology Transitions Policy Task Force will play a critical role in answering the fundamental policy question for communications in the 21st century," Julius Genachowski, the FCC's chairman, said in a statement. "In a broadband world, how can we best ensure that our nation's communications policies continue to drive a virtuous cycle of innovation and investment, promote competition, and protect consumers?"

FCC general counsel Sean Lev will lead the task force as its interim director, while the Wireless Competition Bureau's associate chief Rebekah Goodheart will fill the deputy director position.

As communication transitions out of traditional copper wire networks into broadband and fiber optic formats, the task force will ensure that competition remains fair between communications companies, and that those companies will still serve customers to the best of their abilities, according to The Hill.

To do that, the task force will comb through the FCC's longstanding regulations and provide updates that reflect current technologies, The Hill reported. According to the news site, that might include outdated tariffs and subsidies that could give certain companies an unfair advantage in the market.

"...[T]he ongoing changes in our nation's communications networks require a hard look at many rules that were written for a different technological and market landscape," Genachowski told news site B&C.

Additionally, the task force will aid the FCC in encouraging industries with analog forms of communication into adopting faster digital platforms.