Myspace revealed more details about its highly-anticipated re-launch last night via a demonstration led by shareholder and celebrity Justin Timberlake.

The site's new iteration, apparently, will focus on connecting musicians with fans--staying true to the almost decade old site's original creed. According to The Los Angeles Times, the new Myspace will let professional and indie artists create profiles that let them interact with each other and play their music for free. Fans will also have the opportunity to create profiles and interact with artists through a news stream that's similar to Facebook's.

"You hear so many times from an artist, 'How do I bridge the gap?' It's this type of interaction that [lets them] connect even closer to fans,” Timberlake said. 

As MTV News reported, the new Myspace will retain the "Top Fans" feature--a staple of the old model that listed an artist's top eight followers. Timberlake said the list would still display an artist's most engaged fans, emphasizing the importance of quality social connections.   

"...[I]f I have X amount of followers on Twitter, I'd rather that number be smaller and know that they're all engaging versus throwing comments all over the place that have nothing to do with anything," he told the audience, according to the website.

As for its new revenue strategy, Myspace said that it only plans to host advertisements that will cater and assimilate to each user's profile, The Times reported.

"Brands—anyone we partner with—have to come in with open eyes and open ears," Timberlake told the audience, according to The Times. "They have to take their own heritage and rework it in a way that fits into our world."