A new study showed that when it comes to cyber security, small business owners think its important to be prepared, but aren't really doing anything about it. 

Turns out, 77% of small business owners said that their company is safe from cyber threats like viruses and spyware, yet 83% lack any official security plan. The study, which was conducted by the non-profit National Cyber Security Alliance and web security corporation Symantec, polled 1,015 small and medium businesses nationwide.

"Small businesses must make plans to protect their businesses from cyber threats and help employees stay safe online," NCSA executive director Michael Kaiser said in a statement.

In fact, 66% of small business owners are not even worried about a cyber attack--despite the fact that 73% of the businesses polled felt that a secure internet connection was crucial to their success, and 77% thought that strong cyber security helped the company brand.

When asked what was holding these companies back from implementing more thorough security measures, most companies (29%) said it was a lack of funds.

Of the 1 billion cyber attacks that Symantec reported between January and March 2012, almost 40% of them were on businesses with less than 500 employees, according to Brian Burch, vice president of Americas Marketing for SMB, at Symantec.

"We want U.S. small businesses to understand they cannot completely remain safe from cyber threats if they do not take the necessary precautions," Kaiser also said in a statement. "A data breach or hacking incident can really harm SMBs and unfortunately lead to a lack of trust from consumers, partners and suppliers."