Looks like San Francisco is gaining back some of the tech talent it lost during the recession, according to recent data from the San Francisco Center For Economic Development.

According to the report, 13,000 new tech jobs have sprouted in the Bay area in the first half of 2012, thanks to 150 new tech firms opening up shop. This is the area's largest tech-job growth-spurt in four years.  

By comparison, The San Francisco Chronicle recently reported that the number of tech jobs grew by less than 5,000 positions between 2008 and 2011.

“Our city serves as a model for growing and attracting 21st Century businesses that offer good, high-wage jobs.” City Assessor Phil Ting, who recorded and assessed the new numbers, told online newspaper SF Appeal.

Such a boom is reportedly having a trickle-effect on the local real estate, which has seen a property value rise of $1.2 billion within the past year.

“We can look to San Francisco to set an example when it comes to technology, life sciences, biotech and also a quality of life that attracts the best and brightest workers in the world,” Ting further told the publication.

The San Francisco Examiner also reported that last year the Bay area saw an influx of investors, who pumped $11.8 billion into 430 start-ups.