It doesn't take an official report for you to know social media has become a part of daily life. But a new study from Nielsen Group showed just that: social media sites are visited more than any other sites on the Internet. And users accessing social media via mobile has sky-rocketed in the last year. 

By viewing desktop and mobile web activity between July 2011 and July 2012 and surveying a group of social media users, Nielsen's study showed that Internet users spent 20% of their online time on social media sites. This was the largest chunk of time dedicated to any particular type of website.

Compared to July of last year, users spent almost 90 billion more minutes on social media through PCs and mobile devices in July 2012.

What's more, users spent 30% of their mobile web time on social media sites and apps, taking the majority of total traffic in those categories as well. Mobile social media took off in a big way this year, as users spent 63% more of their time on mobile social media in July 2012 than they did in July 2011.

Social media apps usage jumped 85% from July 2011. Social media sites accessed via mobile web browsers weren't too far behind though, boasting an 82% jump from last year.

Some other interesting findings from the report included: 33% of 18 to 24 year-olds access social media sites from the bathroom. And 24% of social media users said in one survey question that they would pay closer attention to social ad if it was posted by a friend, and 26% said in another survey question they would Like a social media ad posted by a company.