While Facebook is still king of social media, its competitors--including Pinterest and Twitter--have seen not-so-insignificant growth recently. 

In it's latest annual social media report, the Nielsen Group measured the total amount of unique visitors among a dozen of the top social media site's desktop, mobile web, and mobile app platforms. After observing each company's metrics between July 2011 and July 2012, Nielsen found the rate of user growth (or decline) that they experienced over the 12-month time frame.

Here's how each site fared:


Pinterest’s PC user base grew at an astounding rate of 1,047% within Nielsen's measured time frame, bringing its total number of unique PC visitors to 27.2 million. This was by far the largest growth spurt of any social media site that Nielsen tracked (including, ahem, Facebook). "Pinterest exploded onto the scene in 2012," Deirdre Bannon, Nielsen’s social media practice lead, told USA Today.

Pinterest’s mobile app and mobile web audiences also saw the greatest amount of growth, increasing by 1,698% and 4,225%, respectively.


While the social media site still towered over its desktop competitors with a whopping 1.5 billion unique PC users, its user acquisition rate actually fell by 4% between July 2011 and July 2012. 

Over in the mobile realm, Facebook saw modest user growth--reaching 78 million mobile app users (a growth rate of 88%) and 74 million mobile web users (a growth rate of 85%).


Twitter's PC presence enjoyed a unique audience growth of 13% in the 12-month time span, making it the third-most visited social media site with 37 million unique visitors. 

Far more successful was Twitter's mobile growth. With a mobile app audience growth rate of 134% and a mobile web audience growth rate of 140%, Twitter became the second-most visited social media service for mobile audiences.


The fifth-ranked LinkedIn experienced zero change in its visitor size, holding at 28.1 million unique visitors between July 2011 and July 2012.


Myspace (mind you, this was measured before the site's announcement of an upcoming relaunch) suffered the deepest dip in PC user acquisition, losing 13% of its unique visitors over the time span. Myspace's mobile growth didn't fare much better, seeing its number of visitors increase by only 57%.