Vimeo filmmakers, it's time to let viewers know just how much your work is worth. Vimeo announced today that it is launching a new movie paywall feature that puts pricing directly under the production team's control.

"Our mission is to support totally original video and the people who create it, which means providing more than a home," the company wrote on its official blog. "It means creating an environment where creators can access the resources to make their next film, and the one after that."

The new payment feature, currently in a preview version, will let creators operate a bit like a video rental store. Filmmakers can not only determine their movie's viewing fee, but they can also control the length that a user can access the movie.  For example, "Beauty is Embarrassing," one of the six films currently featuring the new paywall, costs $5 to watch and is accessible for seven days.

Creators can even determine who their audience is by limiting accessibility to certain areas. "Shut Up and Play the Hits," another film launching with the pay service, is only available in the U.K. Users, however, can access the purchased content via their "Watch Later" list on all Vimeo-supported mobile devices and streaming platforms.

This is the second creator-focused payment feature that Vimeo has unrolled this year, according to TechCrunch. The website launched its "Tip Jar" feature back in September, which lets viewers donate anywhere between 99 cents and $500 dollars to a film team, the news site reported. The new pay service will be made available to all Vimeo Pro users at the beginning of 2013, TechCrunch reported.