In-House Prints, founded by Alexa Warshany, was one of five finalists in Ford's Five Pitches in Five Blocks competition, where entrepreneurs have five city streets to tell  how their company would benefit from a 2019 Ford Transit Connect. In the contest, each founder had the opportunity to put their story-telling skills to the test to talk about their business.

In-House Prints is a custom print shop based in Frenchtown, New Jersey. While they specialize in printing T-shirts, they are moving toward becoming a full branding agency, creating banners, stickers, and anything else that can be printed. They frequently attend large events and offer on-site printing services, although they don't own a vehicle large enough to transport all of their equipment.

How did you get your business in motion?

My boyfriend, Tyler, actually introduced me to screen printing! He couldn't find a print shop that would run the specialty inks he was requesting so he decided to do it himself. As his business grew, he realized he needed to split the company into two separate businesses. Voila! In-House Prints was born!

In 2016, I left my full-time job to become the co-owner of In-House Prints and have never looked back!

What are your biggest roadblocks to success?

Our biggest roadblock has been the fact that there aren't enough hours in the day. In a day and age where everything is instant, a standard 7 to 10 day production schedule is not always acceptable to clients who want things done yesterday! To combat this, we have worked hard to put in place new processes and improve our existing ones. These processes help to keep things moving as smooth and as quick as possible to achieve the needed turn-around times and, most importantly, without sacrificing quality.

How important is mobility to your business?

Mobility is key in the branding industry. If we weren't willing to be mobile, we would not be able to deliver the high-quality customer service that we want every client to have. To best serve our clients, we are constantly picking up and dropping off orders. By traveling to our clients, we can make meetings convenient, perform vinyl installs, and now we even hope to offer live screen printing. The ability to do this would completely set us apart from everyone else. Our business won't operate to its full potential without the proper tools, mobility being a primary one of them.

What does the "road to success" look like for you?

We measure our success a couple of different ways, the first is client happiness. Did my client leave happy with their product? Will they be coming back? Are they going to refer me?

If we were to answer one of those questions with "no," then we know we were unsuccessful and now need to work as hard as possible to make the situation correct. Right now, we are focusing on having a quality product and great customer service. If their business is growing, so is ours and that's how we can measure our success.

What drives you?

Constant change is key. When you get too comfortable, things become monotonous and you lose interest. I always want to be making progress and continue to move forward. We are always getting new jobs, which also happen to come with new challenges. We try to stay on top of the changing trends and adjust our business accordingly, whether that means adjusting to a new style of apparel or new piece of equipment. Continuing to grow and having constant change involved in the process, pushes us to want to do more and work harder.