Many check-in practices ask people to speak for no more than one or two minutes. You can enforce this rule very simply by passing a timer to each person as they speak.

Some teams use a small hourglass, like you'd see in a board game, or a simple kitchen timer. You can also set a timer on a cell phone. Timers work especially well for teams with remote participants or others for whom the more physical options here aren't appropriate.

One favorite way to conduct a timed check-in is with an exercise timer called a Tabata timer. Set the timer for one minute of "work" followed by five seconds of rest, then set the number of "rounds" to match the number of people in the group. A Tabata timer works great because it has no mercy. It keeps moving forward whether you want it to or not. The fact that each "round" begins with a wrestling-match starting bell and ends with a coach's whistle keeps it fun, too.

Published on: Jun 18, 2019