Puzzled about why it's so tough to achieve the resolutions that you commit to? You are probably doing a few things wrong, according to British psychologist Richard Wiseman.

In 2007 Wiseman tracked the success of the New Year's resolutions made by 3,000 people--and just 12 percent of them managed to achieve what they set out to do. Wiseman noted that the successful people didn't achieve their goals with willpower alone, so he conducted a study on their methods. Here are four of his top tips:

  1. Make only one resolution. Changing a lot of things at once is more difficult.
  2. Think about what you really want. Don't just go with what's trendy.
  3. Break your goal into manageable, concrete steps with specific deadlines.
  4. Go public--tell your friends, family, and social networks about your goals, which will decrease your fear of failure and also garner support.
Published on: Jan 1, 2019