Good lighting can affect everything from how well your employees can see their work to overall office mood. So what steps can you take to make sure your lighting is improving your productivity, rather than harming it?

1. Install better blinds and shades.

If your office has windows, choose the right coverings. Installing motorized blinds and shades allows you to remotely control how much natural light enters your workplace. During the day, you can open them up to let in more natural light, and close them whenever it's necessary (such as when preparing for a screen projection).

2. Consider investing in blue-tinged lighting.

If natural light isn't a possibility, your next best bet is lighting tinged on the blue end of the spectrum. These lights can boost mood similarly to natural light, and come in a variety of styles, so you can install them practically anywhere.

3. Raise awareness of computer vision syndrome.

Make sure your employees or coworkers are aware of issues that can be caused by too much screen time. You can mitigate the risks by installing better lighting around each desk and by taking breaks periodically throughout the day. Every hour or so, step away from the computer and let your eyes "unfocus" for a few minutes, pointed toward the horizon.