A more strategic, long-term way for a business owner to get involved in their community is developing relationships with key local leaders. This may include connecting with leaders of social and environmental organizations, health and educational institutions, as well as other respected role models with a voice in community changes.

Getting involved with local leaders in either a personal or business capacity can be very valuable. Developing genuine relationship with individuals who are also members of organizations like the local Chamber of Commerce or Better Business Bureau can be even more beneficial. Once these relationships are established, opportunities will open up. A business owner can work to become a valued member, enabling them to establish a voice and influence changes within their local community.

Increased involvement with local leaders produces a two-fold benefit: owners develop a highly valued voice, and the value of their business rises with it. Once a top-of-mind spot in the community is secured, local groups may offer guest speakerships, mentorships, or an opportunity to fulfill a need for goods or services.

Published on: Mar 18, 2019