According to author and accountability expert Michael Levitt, celebrating wins is critical to making high-stress or fast-paced workplaces better workplaces. “Organizations do not take enough time to celebrate our accomplishments. We get through our daily two- to three-item to-do checklists for the day, and instead of taking a moment to celebrate our accomplishments, we move on to the next item.

We end up hurting ourselves or missing learning opportunities when we do not take the time to pause and learn from our accomplishments, he says.

What Levitt is suggesting is to create natural pauses from “the whirlwind” to recognize accomplishment. And when it comes to accomplishing something strategic-;either directly yourself or indirectly on the part of someone who took on something for you so you could achieve your goal-;celebrating the win can make it even more acceptable for people to pause for the big things. The celebration helps to move the culture from being so reactive and frantic.