"As a woman in the male-dominated spirits industry, I learned that my words were indeed as mighty as a sword. This meant that my language, whether verbal or written, had to be more direct, precise, and goal-oriented in order to achieve objectives. Being trained as a lawyer, I believe in editing, and this brought my attention to how often I used the words if and could rather than when and will. Words shape mindset, and so I soon reprogrammed my grammar, and the results were evident. Surprisingly, I have noticed that not only eliminating these words in business is impactful but eradicating them from my communications with my 5-year-old have been incredibly useful. I no longer use if to begin a sentence and issue a threat to my son of potential consequences. We speak of concrete rules with attending repercussions. This has helped him to understand that mommy's words have meaning and that she never breaks her word. This is exactly how I run my business."

--Lizzie Asher, president of Macchu Pisco, a global pisco (liquor) company that has grown organically 25 percent annually since it was founded in 2006